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About the website "Horses on stamps"
Thematic catalog and popularization of philately.

The website "Horses on stamps" is a free online catalog of postage stamps and other philatelic materials on the horses topic.

As far as I know, so far no one thematic catalog dedicated to horses has been published and which covers a considerable period of time. There are individual author's editions and lists but unfortunately many of them are characterized by excessive brevity and lack of quality images. And for sure there were no such publications in Russian.

I’m confident that website visitors will appreciate the opportunity to find necessary information on the topic of horses in one place quickly and easily.

Old and new websites - where can I find information?

Currently, both versions of the website "Horses on stamps" are available to visitors:

• a new version www.horse-stamps.ru
• an old one: old.horse-stamps.ru

The old version includes more than 2 thousand issues of postage stamps from around the world and more than 300 envelopes. Time period: from the 1930s to the 2008/2010-ies. Sections about PSE, PC, stamps and cancelations, as well as articles, publications, newsletters, news archives and other sections remain on the old version of the website.

The novelties of 2017 and the issues of postage stamps of recent years are presented on the new website. Gradually, stamps and other information will be transferred to a new site. But because of the large amount of material, it will take quite a lot of time.


Many thanks to all who took part in the development of the site.

Special thanks to Grigory and Alexander, who took care of all the technical issues on the development of the website and the database.

Thanks to Nastya Sergeyeva, who has been pushing me in the right direction for the last couple of years and has not given up the project and philately in general. Thanks to Sergey Vasilenko for his readiness to discuss all my site building and cataloging questions.

Thanks to Forum users Faunist, Romantics, Tigre Polosatovich, Pash-u, Andriano, Sedom, Russian, Huron and many others, all those who shared information and scans, and took an active part in the discussion of my topic.

Special thanks to Belyakova E. for help with translation into English.

Thanks to all the creators of websites devoted to philately, where you can learn something new and interesting, and thanks to the creators of wonderful websites dedicated to horses, for the love to these amazing animals.

And thanks to all the visitors of my website and a double one to those who did not hesitate to make a record in the guest book.

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