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Spain. 250th anniversary of Circus
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On the 9th of February 2018 post of Spain released the Postage Stamp in honor of 250th Anniversary of circus and VII international circus festival in Girona.

This year Spain Girona became the world capital of circus, because right there the International circus festival «gold elephant» will go through. On the Field of Mars Devesa Park from 22nd tо 26th of February 2018 gathered the best circus troupes around over the world to become festival participant theVII Internanional circus festival. To visit the festival can 300 thousends of people, tickets went on sale on the official site on the 3rd of August 2017.

Оffiсial date of birth of modern circus is considered the 1768 year, wen Philip Estly opened his first digital amphitheater. In Spain the circus appeared in 1768 the same thanks to his competitor of Philip Estly – Tomas Prais.

Аccording to a series of engravings, surviving in Spain national Bibliothek, Englishman Thomas Prais аrranged circus performances in1768 in the arena Puerta de Alcalá and Square Serrada The Royal Palace Buen Retiro in Madrid.

After success performances of Thomas Prais, in the country appeared more than 50 circus groups, showing mainly equestrian numbers.

Оn postage stamp reproduced engraving of 1768 years under the name of «Еxercises in riding» of Bernardo Albiztur and Tornaria. Еngraving kept in the national library of Spain.

Stamp were issued in a small sheet from 16 staps (4х4), artistically designed sheet margins represent the circus tent with places for spectators.


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