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Brazilian Historical Monuments
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3 stamps 
 Brazilian Historical Monuments. Chronological catalogs.
"Equestrian Statue of D. Pedro I", from Rio de Janeiro
1,80 R$
Jamile Costa Sallum
Rodrigo Galvão
stamp size:
33 x 33 mm
180 000
There is 1 stamp from a series including 3 stamps on the page.
1,80 R$ The Lassoer, Porto Alegre
1,80 R$ Equestrian Statue of D. Pedro I, Rio de Janeiro
1,80 R$ Monument to the Opening of the Amazon Province Ports, Manaus
Brazilian Historical Monuments

The issue is composed of three stamps, each one with the image of a monument representing different time, style and region of Brazil.

For this issue, three outstanding works were selected: one from the south, one from the center and one from the north region of the country. These buildings, through philately, represent the national monuments, for the memorable and recognized artistic quality.

Equestrian Statue of D. Pedro I - Rio de Janeiro

Artist João Maximiano Mafra was the winner of the competition for this project, opened by the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1855. The work was carried out in Paris by Luiz Rochet. D. Pedro II inaugurated the monument on March 30, 1862, erected in the center of the Constitution Square (now Tiradentes Square). It is an exceptional cultural asset from various points of view. It was the city's first civic monument; One of the greatest pieces of bronze art in the Americas at the time and is the introductory work of romantic sculpture in Brazil. At the base, the remarkable dynamic allegories of four Brazilian rivers (Amazonas, Paraná, Madeira and São Francisco) are represented by sculptural groups with indigenous people, wild animals and native plants. In the frieze of the pedestal are the shields of the twenty provinces of Brazil at that time. In the main face, next to the Brazilian arms, it reads: "To D. Pedro I, gratitude of the Brazilians". The base, built in carioca granite, is 3.30m high, the bronze pedestal measures 6.40m to the top of the cornice and the equestrian statue is 6.00m high

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